52 Insights was founded by Ari Stein in 2015 and born out of a desire to inform people of the significant and profound changes going on in the world through the medium of insightful discussion. We will introduce you to the many authors, creators, researchers, leaders and various other innovators out there who are changing the way we see the world.

What do we do? We publish a simple, concise interview with one unique and engaging individual or collective each week.

Why? We wanted to make intelligence fashionable again. We noticed a large divide between the intellectual world and the pop/lifestyle world. We care about popular culture, but we care equally as much about science and innovation, politics and the like – two areas that are overlapping at significant speeds right now. Why can’t we embrace both?

We don’t really see a difference between a scientist, an innovator, or a pop star. Considering all the noise of the contemporary world and the current overload of information, we wanted to get back to the basics.

We also believe in social impact and positive intent. People are doing wonderful things out there, either through music, art, science, technology or more, and we want to let you know about it.

There is thought, curation and love in what we do. We want you to join their journey, so to speak. We feel we have a responsibility to share these insights with you.

Welcome to 52 Insights.