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We are working to create partnerships that help businesses prosper and engage with an exciting new audience in a powerful way. We have a unique relationship with our audience; a patronage that is highly defined, made up of mobile, ambitious, intelligent and educated individuals who make up a representative cross-section of males and females across the globe.

They are media-savvy, clued-in, with a wealth of knowledge in and around politics, economics, social impact issues, innovation, technology, science, progress, art, music, film and much more.

We are highly regarded as an important source of information, for knowledge transfer as well as the latest ideas and products out there. 52 Insights is a powerful place to reach your designated audience. We believe in deep insights, cross-disciplinary areas, cutting-edge aspects of pop culture, positive intent and the understanding that science and technology are rapidly transforming our world. If you feel that your brand is representative of this ethos then get in touch with us for more information.

We can put you in front of multiple channels and allow you to achieve the required type of brand communication experience you are looking for. Contact our Advertising and Partnerships department to start a conversation about our bespoke advertising solutions.

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