Bill Browder
My War Against Putin

What would you do if a wealthy and powerful tyrant decided you were a direct challenge to his power? This is the dilemma that Bill Browder, best-selling author and human rights activist, has faced over the last fifteen years.

Earning the ire of Vladimir Putin, in 2009, his lawyer Sergei Magnitsky was tortured and murdered in cold blood; this heinous act set off a chain of events that would lead Browder to work both ends of the candle to raise a stunning piece of legislation called the Magnitsky act. Now enacted in 35 countries, it allows governments sweeping powers to freeze the assets and visas of foreign government officials deemed to be human rights offenders.

At 58, this American native, in this latest episode of 52 Insights, recounts his incredible tale of survival with me. His chilling story,  documented in his bestselling novels Freezing Order and Red Notice, read like omens leading up to the gravest geopolitical conflict in Europe since WW2.

Browder’s story isn’t just about one man’s endless fight to dismantle a sociopathic regime but a tale built on protecting his virtues – justice, perseverance and a higher calling. It’s hard not to be inspired by his story.

In this discussion, we delve into the following:

  • Browder’s personal history
  • Russia’s erratic journey to the present day
  • Examining the relationship between Browder’s sanction work and Putin’s War with Ukraine
  • Trump’s collusion with Russia
  • Putin’s personal vendetta against Browder
  • The war in Ukraine and its eventual conclusion
  • Browder’s legacy

Bill Browder’s Freezing Order is out now in paperback
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