Matthew McConaughey
Next Leap of Faith

It's hard not to be inspired by the many shapeshifting transitions of the Academy-Award winning actor Matthew McConaughey. From rom-com star to critically acclaimed actor to now bestselling author & mystical Cowboy Poet. McConaughey has never been satisfied with being lumped into just one box. Just look at his rollercoaster of a career.

From Cooper in the sci-fi masterpiece Interstellar to Ron Woodroof fighting for his life in Dallas buyers club or even the spellbinding cameo of Mark Hanna, who stole our attention in The Wolf of Wall Street. We have followed McConaughey on screen for decades; little did we know that he was living another life off-screen. Finding answers to some of lives deepest quandaries.

McConaughey is a restless soul; if you’ve read his book Greenlights, in which he spent 52 days alone without electricity in the desert to write it, you will see he describes his torment viscerally in finding grace and answers underneath the gorging vapidness of Hollywood. I came out of this interview asking myself this question: Can being existential and ego-driven mutually exist in La La Land? That is something we both explore in this hour-long in-depth discussion.

With so much unhealthy scrutiny around celebrities these days, it’s hard to find someone so visible that can open up their hearts and without fear of reprimand. But he does here. He refuses to live in hiding, or as he says insulated, rather living his best self and learning at the same time. At 51, firm rumours are now swirling around that McConaughey will run for the Governor of Texas, using his life experience to solve what he sees as a serious trust crisis.
This is one discussion where journies are invited and unpacked; from his tempestuous childhood to his thoughts on the destructiveness of fame, McConaughey challenges us all to do the work and live by our best selves. Whatever your opinion of McConaughey, you cannot argue with that. This is a chat that goes to many places; predictable isn’t one of them.

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Matthew McConaughey’s Greenlights is out now on Headline/Hachette