Weekly Roundup: The Best of Pop Culture X Science

Here’s your weekly overview of the most intriguing, fun and interesting stories in the world of pop culture and science.

Make Your Own Spirited Away

You ever wanted to make your own version of  anime masterpiece Spirited Away, well here’s your chance, the studio behind films Studio Ghibli have made their unique software available to the public. Well what are you waiting for?


FBI Uses a law From 1789 on Apple

Yes you read right, FBI used a law from over 200 years ago in order to unlock “that” iPhone. For all those constitutional historians its called, the All Writs Act.

Former unknown Apple founder loses fortune

Don’t ask.

Zika Virus in 3-D

3-D model of virus could open new ways of understanding this disease.

We’re In Serious &^%X

If we don’t find a way to mitigate the issue of global warming, Antarctica will send the sea rising 15 meters by 2500 new studies show.  Perhaps Global Thermostat can help.

Not Knowing Stuff Causes a Whole Load Of Stress

Who says we didn’t tell you? Wait, what?

Spiders look Bigger When You Don’t Like Them

It seems our emotions drive us to experience the same world in very different ways.

Hedi Slimane is Out

The fashion icon is abandoning tenure at powerhouse Saint Laurent after almost four years.

The World’s First Photosynthesis-Defying Plant Lamp

A plant in a glass box never looked so good.

Sofia Coppola is Back With a ‘Vengeance’.

The mastermind behind Lost in Translation and Virgin Suicide will return with a reworking of Clint Eastwood’s 1971 drama The Beguiled.