A Total Eclipse Of The Heart: Best Accounts to View Through Instagram

It will be the first time in a hundred years that an eclipse of such a kind will take place in America. In fact, they’re dubbing it the Great American Eclipse. On the 21st of August, a solar phenomenon will attract NASA nerds, stargazers and curious individuals from all walks of life. Its totality will only be viewed in a bandwidth of 70 miles, which basically means perfect alignment across 14 states in the United States. A total solar eclipse with more than two minutes of darkness descending in the middle of the day over the course of 100 minutes.

You’ll be able to view it across other parts of the world but the Midwest will get a front row seat. Since you’re not meant to look right at it, what better way to enjoy it than through your phone or someone else’s? That’s why we have picked out a couple of great Instagram handles from Nashville to Illinois, based on the path of the eclipse to keep an eye out on.

Yung Salisbury in the wild. 🔦

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Last night’s Omaha sunset.

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Storm rolling in. Bethlehem, New Hampshire. #rambleoutyonder #backyardandbackroads #theriverstudio

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Mornin’, Portland #portland #portlandnw

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