A Travelers Guide to Paris: 5 Things You Must Do

Paris is one of the most charming and romantic cities in the world. With beautiful sidewalks, world-class museums, enticing art fairs, and top-notch restaurants, most travellers often find themselves lost on what they must do when they are in the city of love. If it is your first time in Paris, you would be looking forward to visiting the world-famous Eiffel Tower or the Louvre, but there are also some less famous and equally artistic places you must visit. Most travellers make the mistake of coming up with a long list of places they should visit and end up wasting time moving from one place to another. However, don’t be embarrassed as we have all been there. So, to avoid the same mistakes, I have compiled a list of things you must do to enjoy your stay.

Split Your Time between the Louvre and Other Art Galleries

The Louvre is a massive piece of structural art, and it is very overwhelming if you try to explore all of it. Rather than trying to achieve the impossible and visit every nook and corner of the Louvre, you can spend some time in other small museums in Paris. The one thing that Paris is most famous for is art, and if you are an art lover, you will enjoy a lot of art fairs held in the city. By browsing over to artfairmag.com, you can find different art fairs happening in the city and choose anyone that seems the most feasible for your trip dates.

Try To Walk Rather Than Using Transport

If you want to truly experience the City of Light, it’s better if you stroll around central Paris rather than taking cabs or buses. Where Paris is famous for its art and romance, it is also famous for its traffic. If you use cabs a lot, you will be left vulnerable to Paris’ famous traffic blocks. By walking on foot, you can explore the city better, observe the culture, and enjoy window shopping by hopping from one shop to another. Paris is connected by the Metro, and if you want to go travel a long distance, you can hop onto the nearest Metro bus anytime you want to.

Find Good Angles to View the Eiffel Tower

Most travellers are unaware of this, but the security around the Eiffel tower has gotten pretty tight in recent years. You can’t simply walk up to beneath the monument and take a gander. You have to clear a lot of security checks and wait in a long line if you want to go up the tower. And in my personal opinion, the view isn’t even that great. Instead, if you can go to the top of the Arc de Triomphe or one of the nearby towers and get one of the best landscape views of the Eiffel in the city. With the clear blue skies and mesmerizing streets in the view, the beauty of the Eiffel tower increases tenfold.