An Entrepreneur’s Guide To Christmas for 2019

Risk expert and best selling author Nicholas Nassim Taleb said it best when he was quoted as saying, “Just as there is no such thing as a failed soldier – dead or alive, so there is no such thing as a failed entrepreneur.” They are the ones who put everything on the line, who give everything for the ultimate reward. That’s why we thought for this guide we would do something different and pay homage to those men and women who day in and day out work tirelessly to make the world a better place.

Some of the best wisdom we have received has come from street-savvy entrepreneurs like Evan Sharp of Pinterest and Alexis Ohanian of Reddit. What better way to demonstrate our appreciation for this damn fine demographic than curate a selection of entrepreneur-friendly products. All of these products ranging from armchairs to audio appliances were carefully handpicked by our editorial team.  These are the things that every forward-thinking office should have.

Herman Miller Cosm | £1100

From the leaders of the high-end office furniture world, Herman Miller comes the all-star Cosm chair. Brought to you by the Berlin-based studio 7.5, this award-winning throne has everything you want in a wow piece of furniture. Comfort, design and effortless cool. Herman Miller is a 100-year-old company from the US that has built its reputation on its heritage quality. But there is no heritage here; this is forward-thinking stuff, in fact, groundbreaking, from its auto-harmonic tilt to intercept suspension. Both of those might sound like the features of a car engine, but they essentially mean this chair knows your body better than you do.  It can anticipate your tension and shift its frame around you appropriately. It might be pricey, but if you spend over 40 hours in a seat a week and I certainly do,  it’s worth it. Your behind will thank you for it.

Horizn Studio M5 cabin luggage | £320

Another Berlin inspired product, this time from the forward-thinking luggage company Horizn. Started by Stefan Holwe and Jan Roosen in 2015. It’s sleek, thoughtful and inspiring range is designed for the modern everyday business traveller. They have thought about everything for this particular bag, the M5. In fact, it is the world’s first luggage with a removable smart charger housed in aerospace-grade German polycarbonate. As you circuit from city to city, this bag becomes indispensable, very practical and uber stylish. With a waterproof front cover/laptop holder, laundry bag and compression pack, it’s the perfect cabin bag for someone who desires the freedom to move around. It’s baggage but in a good sense.

Master & Dynamic: MW65 & MW07 Plus | £449/£279 

We’ve featured these headphones before, so I guess you could say we’re super fans. They are the headphones for people that care about sound and design, endorsed by the likes of David Adjaye and Rolling Stones.
In a world where almost all sound today is overly compressed, it’s nice to have a pair of headphones that you can use to expand and elevate. Whether it be listening to our favourite podcast The Daily or streaming your favourite music, these are the headphones for busy, stressful times. Our choices are from their latest wireless range, the noise-cancelling headphones MW07 Plus buds and the MW65 lightweight cans which by the way feature beryllium drivers which means ‘the best’. Both incredibly superior headphones and better than anything out there on the market today.

Tile | £30

Absolutely essential for any entrepreneur carrying a bunch of indispensable goods. These little trackers can stick themselves to practically any mobile product and sound off when you lose it. It feels like this is an idea that is long overdue. That means your mobile, your music instrument, your laptop and even book. It works on Bluetooth and in a 400ft range.

Evermore Candles | £48

We fell in love with this London based brand when we stumbled upon it in a gift store. These days candles have become all the rage,  some of them eye-watering overpriced.  But this is a brand that has thought about its smells. They are made up of gentle ingredients rapeseed and soy wax and hand-poured with a conscience; they even work with NGOs giving back to its community. One of the best thing about this London based brand its candles are housed in these super pretty glass containers which can then be used after its finished as a decorative ornament. We highly recommend the Clouds & Sacred Oud candle. It’s like being out in the middle of the desert.

Loonshots: How to Nurture the Crazy Ideas | £8.34

If there is one book that you want this year to sit on your crowded workspace, then let it be this one.  You will impress your friends and probably make new ones as well. It was written by an American physicist, management consultant and now biotech entrepreneur Safi Bahcall. Part of what makes this book so appealing is its unorthodox investigation of innovation. Bahcall is able to weave biochemistry, behavioural economics and business to explore how disruption finds its way into our lives.  He’s all for creative structure. It’s a book of the year by every trade paper from the Financial Times to the Washington Post.  If you like Daniel Kahneman and Steven Johnson, then this one is for you.

Terrarium London

They are everywhere: in craft markets, working spaces and homes across the world. But terrariums have become famous for a reason, who wouldn’t want a splendid ecosystem running in the background. You don’t need to feed it, water it or change it you just need to allow it to sit there and be amazed. It has an idyllic serenity to it. It’s one of those things where if you pay attention, it can teach you a lot about building a business, namely, patience and acceptance. Take our advice; this peaceful little garden is probably more important than anything we have listed above. It has biophilia & wellness all merged into one.