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Today the UK takes to the voting booths in a snap election that started out as a bid to take the reigns on Brexit and has ended up being consumed by the country’s recent horrific terrorist attacks.
In these unconventional times, politicians like Jeremy Corbyn turn to unconventional places for support such as the  grime scene.  While all of the debate and political name-calling might do your head in, you might want to think twice before you try to find your zen through meditation. If you do need a break though, take some inspiration for your dream retreat by looking inside the Palazzo Margherita, an Italian beauty designed by none other than the Coppola family.

Sound good? Take a look:

“In 2017, there is more than one way to be beautiful, and more than one way to be cool. And when you put an image on the cover of Vogue, that means something that goes beyond fashion.” Adwoa Aboah is the model who truly represents our time. She is known equally for her modelling and for her platform Gurls Talk, dealing with issues of diversity, mental health and identity. Here she talks about how she views the industry today.

“The ‘Sofia’ suite, in collaboration with Sofia Coppola, features a Juliet balcony, clawfoot bathtub, and hand-painted frescos. Her niece Gia’s suite is all blush pink Rococo ceiling and Murano glass chandeliers.” Step inside the dreamy world of the Italian hotel owned by the Coppola clan. You wouldn’t be wrong in mistaking it for a set from the Godfather trilogy.

“Like many things in British politics, the job of the official UK election artist is a bit make-it-up-as-you-go…the post was one of the feel-good innovations Tony Blair’s first term in office.” An insight into life as the official UK election artist, Cornelia Parker, who is the first conceptual artist to take the post and has become a news item in her own right on the campaign trail.

“Stormzy put it best when he endorsed Corbyn last year: ‘My man, Jeremy! I dig what he says. I feel like he gets what the ethnic minorities are going through and the homeless and the working class.” As the UK goes to the polls today to decide the future government, take a look at how Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, has galvanised the support of the UK grime scene after his party comes out of its recent existential crisis. #grime4corbyn.

“What contemporary and ancient meditators have always known is that while the hype may be warranted, the practice is not all peace, love and blissful glimpses of unreality. Sitting zazen, gazing at their third eye, a person can encounter extremely unpleasant emotional and physical or mental disturbances.” While we all know the benefits of meditation, it is much less known that the ancient practice that has made a comeback in the age of mindfulness can also have a darker side

“Archaeologists have unearthed the 300,000-year-old fossilized bones of early humans…that hint at an early, and previously unknown phase of our species’ evolution.” The recent discovery of the oldest remains of Homo Sapiens yet in a Moroccan cave could mean we were around long before we ever thought.

“In the Neotropics, there is a whole group of so-called glassfrogs that amaze with their transparent skin covering their bellies and showing their organs underneath. A recently discovered new species from Amazonian Ecuador, however, goes a step further…” An amazing new discovery uncovers a frog that shows its heart through its skin. Take a look at this bizarre little creature.