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Today a landmark decision was reached in Germany to legalise same-sex marriage and family rights. As commendable as this is, how has it taken until 2017 for this to be recognised in a country so seemingly liberal, progressive and important on the world stage? We find out below what the deal breakers were in this decision. On the other side of the Atlantic, unfortunately, things aren’t going in the same direction. How does Trump get away with the blatant sexist remarks he makes so regularly? If you are after a more light-hearted approach to some of the more worrying realities we face right now, take a leaf out of Denmark’s book. Watch the hilarious advertisement encouraging Danish mums to send their kids away on romantic baby-making vacations, a desperate response to a diminishing population.

“It has all the makings of a coming-of-age movie; meeting in haunted caves, getting older siblings into trouble, loads of dares and – less typical, more awesome – ending up at The xx’s secret show, slow dancing the night away.” The xx has released a dreamy LA video for their latest single I Dare You. Directed by Alasdair McLellan with some help from Raf Simons, it stars Millie Bobby Brown, Paris Jackson and star of Moonlight Ashton Sanders.

There is no doubt that Supreme is now a global brand. Founder James Jebbia took it from a local skating brand to a global masthead collaborating with everyone from Frank Ocean to Nike and now their collaboration culture reaches a fever pitch with the global popup launch with Louis Vuitton. Popup of the year? You decide.

“The chancellor, Angela Merkel, said she voted against the move because she believed marriage was for a man and a woman. She said the decision for her was a personal one, but she hoped the result would lead to greater social cohesion.” Germany today marks an important move in Western countries by passing legislation to allow same-sex couples to marry and adopt children. Why has it taken them so long?

“When women challenge him politically, he often insults them physically…By contrast, when Trump finds women non-threatening, he often responds with benevolent sexism. He delighted in walking through the beauty pageants he owned – where the young contestants were entirely beholden to him – commenting on how gorgeous they were.” Here is a logical analysis of Trump’s illogical reactions to women. It turns out that he shapes his form of sexism depending on how much of a threat the woman poses to his power…

“On a romantic getaway, pushy in-laws are the last thing you want to think about in bed. But a new campaign in Denmark might have couples thanking their moms while doing the deed.”  As falling birth rates and ageing populations present a growing problem, some countries are resorting to alternative methods to encourage baby-making. Check out this hilarious Danish advertisement responding to a real problem.

“Consumers can rent anything from cement mixers to basketballs or umbrellas, while the bike-sharing sector is in high gear. Based on smartphone apps which let people leave bikes anywhere rather than in limited racks, the country’s two market leaders, Ofo and Mobike, have 6 million weekly users between them.” Here are some other amazing insights to better understand China and why it is rising as a global superpower.

“Are we going to be galactic introverts, huddled behind the door and merely listening for signs of life outside? Or are we going to be extroverts, conversation-starters? And if it’s the latter, what should we say?”  What would you say to an alien? asks pop-science writer Steven Johnson who has a habit of presenting thoughtful and innovative ideas for our future. Catch our interview with him here. This time, he is back with a proposal to make contact with the other signs of life in this universe by sending signals into space.

“Nevertheless I saw the usual signs of squatting in the soggy ruins. Life there possibly resembled earlier centuries of cheap squalid tenement reality, mouldier than ever, the occupants risking their lives by the hour. Same as ever, but wetter. But even in the worst neighbourhoods there stood some islands of success, waterproofed and pumped out and made habitable again, in many cases better than ever, or so people claimed. The mutual aid societies were making something interesting, the so-called SuperVenice, fashionably hip, artistic, sexy, a new urban legend.” Ever wondered what a future in an underwater New York would look like? New York 2140 is the astonishing book by science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson, transporting you to a not so unfeasible Atlantis after the effects of climate change. Read an excerpt here.