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Is the world finally fed up with influencers? What even is an influencer? If debacles like Fyre Festival [below] are anything to go by, it would seem so. Maybe the world has found a new way to cope, turning to people with actual talents such as that of Belgian fashion icon, Raf Simons [below]. Apparently the hip hop world is smitten with him.
This week we’re all about moving forward, from amazing new discoveries around psychopathy in 3-4 year olds to the bizarre secret life of plants, and finally hallucinogenic VR. Come on, you knew that was coming…

The world is an ever-changing organism and it is people that are making that true. Read on to for our picks of the week:

“Raf put streetwear in a high fashion context which is now normalised but was more radical at the time…I think artists in hip hop view the idea of their art as beyond just their music and consider the visuals and performance more than other genres of music.” After the release of A$AP Rocky and Frank Ocean’s new collab dedicated to the designer, find out why hip hop has a history of loving all things Raf Simons.

“The influencer bubble will totally collapse in the next 12 months if people aren’t very careful about the money being thrown around as brands try to buy influencer placement…Youth culture can see through anything that they think is inauthentic.” After a number of disastrous marketing campaigns including Pepsi-gate and Fyre Festival, the age of influencers could be at risk. Explore the dangers for both the brands and the individuals who are paid to associate themselves with them.

“Swords whipping through the air, the wushu artists perform routines inspired by the poetry of Qiu Jin, the female Chinese warrior and revolutionary of the early 20th century.” Enter the dazzling world of Wu Tsang, the trans artist who started out making films about a gay club in LA and is now retelling history with lesbian kung fu.

“Once the undisputed juggernaut of the late-night category, Jimmy Fallon is weathering the most tumultuous period in his tenure there – a predicament that raises the question of whether the multitalented but apolitical Mr. Fallon can ride out the current era of politicized, choose-your-side entertainment, when he just wants to have a good time.” Since Trump came along, there has been a revival of interest in left-leaning entertainment to the detriment of Jimmy Fallon who believes in unbiased, old-fashioned fun. But can he carry on without taking a stance?

“If a new media technology affects our relationship with time, space and each other, then panic conditions are ripe. Those of us who work in VR might not want to admit it, but a moral panic is almost certainly coming…There’ll be a rash of VR-induced mental health stories, ranging from post-VR attacks to episodes of psychosis.” Following recent claims that the big tech companies like Microsoft are developing hallucinogenic VR with similar effects to LSD, there are concerns growing about VR addiction.

“At 11, Samantha is just over 5 feet tall and has wavy black hair and a steady gaze. She seems poised and cheerful, a normal preteen. But when we steer into uncomfortable territory – the events that led her to this juvenile treatment facility – Samantha hesitates. ‘I wanted the whole world to myself,’ she says. ‘So I made a whole entire book about how to hurt people.” Psychopathy has long been considered untreatable, and experts can spot it in children as young as 3 or 4 years old. Now fascinating clinical studies offer hope in solving this mystery. Check out our own interview with the psychopathic whisperer here.

“Pseudoscientific claims that music helps plants grow have been made for decades, despite evidence that is shaky at best. Yet new research suggests some flora may be capable of sensing sounds, such as the gurgle of water through a pipe or the buzzing of insects.” Take a look at the incredible new research that proves plant growth can be stimulated and is able to respond to the sounds through extremely sensitive vibration detectors.