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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have seen that Hillary Rodham Clinton has allowed the world to hear her side of the story since being disposed of by the name we don’t mention. Her memoir, which came out this month, sheds light on probably the most bizarre campaign for the presidency in American history. The book What Happened has received a mixed reaction from both the liberal and conservative sides of the press – some supportive of her tell all approach, others not amused by her cry baby approach. This week we also take a sneak peek at why crime really pays off for a lot of criminals, how cars are being made with built in living rooms and how one questionable individual thought it was a good idea to swim across the Hoover Dam. He actually made it.

“What Shayne does isn’t just about clothing, it’s reverberated so far beyond that. It’s about infiltrating culture, in the same way that I think Helmut was so incredibly pioneering disruptive. I was really looking at who of the younger design generation would fit that. And Shayne had to be number one.” It was the most hotly anticipated NYFW event, the interpretation of cult 90s brand Helmut Lang by Shayne Oliver of Hood By Air. With strap-ons and a Whitney Houston soundtrack, it didn’t disappoint.

“In order to incorporate the Symbioz – which is self-driving, to allow passengers to luxuriate en-route – as an extra living area, it comes with a rotating platform that lets it be moved to various levels of the house. This would allow it to be stored on a roof terrace, perhaps as an emergency rain cover, or slotted into the existing living room as a modular add-on.” Check out Renault’s new concept car Symbioz, featuring plush armchairs, huge wraparound windows and wi-fi connection. This is modern living if ever we saw it.

“It was around 45-50 degrees outside and we were on a stag do in Vegas. You go to Vegas to have fun, don’t you? We made the Hangover movie look tame. We were all just standing there and I thought fuck it, I’m going for a swim.” The epitome of a Brit abroad, this 28-year-old stag astonishingly survived a drunken swim in the Hoover Dam, narrowly avoiding being dragged under due to most of the turbines being switched off. Don’t try this at home.

“Large criminal enterprises aren’t known for their rigorous accounting practices, and burglars aren’t apt to leave receipts. And try as they might – there’s even a line for it on the US income tax reporting form – the Internal Revenue Service simply can’t get criminals to comply and report their illegal earnings as taxable income.” How much money will entice a person to rob, cheat or sell drugs? This is a question that criminologists ask, and a recent survey has provided some long-sought answers.

“The question of how to combat racism and hatred at large is one that is really too much for a major platform like Reddit or even Google or Facebook. The best they can do is strike at it when and where it appears. But as ineffective as that might seem, it worked for Reddit and it may work elsewhere: bigotry is easy and those who cherish it are lazy.” Online trolls and hate speech are one of the biggest problems of our time. This is what happened when Reddit decided to do something about it.

“Ask her why she blew the biggest slam dunk in the history of fucking American politics! Oh, and ask her if she is going to donate the millions of dollars she’s going to make on this boom to charity. Ask her: Why should you profit from this disaster?” As Hillary Clinton unveils her latest memoir ‘What Happened’, a painful look back at her notorious 2016 defeat, this is what both she and the world have to say.

“Neurosurgery is probably one of the most inaccessible specialities there is, especially from the point of view of the patients and public. They can experience a certain element of neurophobia where anything to do with the brain is quite scary.” Hoping to open up the world of brain surgery, London-based tech company FundamentalVR introduce their VR operating theatre experience. Not for the squeamish, this 360-degree video is an all access look at one of the most intricate and complex aspects of medicine. Intrigued?