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On Sunday evening, the hotly anticipated encounter between Megyn Kelly and Infowars founder Alex Jones aired in the US. The hotheaded far-right, anti-liberal, anti-MSM (mainstream media) radio host was made to answer a series of questions on his refusal to admit that he was wrong about Sandy Hook and so many other outrageous claims that he has made. Megyn Kelly almost managed to make him look uncomfortable. It is definitely well worth a watch. In light of all of this, we discuss what power does to your brain, apparently, it ain’t good at all. Which makes us think is there such thing as a nation state at all anymore? Apparently not, with migrant diasporas taking places across the world, innovation is now the name of the game for the dispossessed. Read on.

“Named Radical Call for Love, the collection combines 19th century Arab garments, such as the caftan, karakou and sirwal, with corporate sportswear trends of the 1990s and 2000s, and projects the result on a futurist oriented fashion.” Discover the latest recipient of the prestigious LVMH Prize for Young Designers, French-Belgian designer Marine Serre, and some of the other designers shortlisted including London-based Molly Goddard.

“This raises so many questions. Who gave this child a gun? Why is he so devastated? And who forced him to wear those yellow pants? Imagining the photographer directing this shot makes this even funnier.” Hilarious Twitter account @darkstockphotos reveals the hidden dark side to stock photography. With everything from “kids doing coke” to ‘girl taking selfie with AK-47”, here is a list of some of the best.

“Artist Achilleas Souras, who is just 16 years old, used hundreds of discarded life jackets collected from the shores of Lesbos to assemble an igloo for Moroso’s SOS Save Our Souls installation at Milan design week.” In honour of World Refugee Week, take a look at 10 of the most innovative designs created by architects and designers to meet the needs of the millions of refugees around the world. Here’s our personal favourite.

“Some thought we shouldn’t broadcast this interview because his baseless allegations aren’t just offensive, they are dangerous. But here’s the thing: Alex Jones isn’t going away, he has millions of listeners and the ear of our current President.” Watch news anchor Megyn Kelly meet with the incendiary conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to talk about his influence on Trump and his claim that the Sandy Hook massacre was a mere ‘hoax’.

“Not only is he active in seeking work and creating a business, he also says he is much less stressed, relieved from the ‘silly show’ of filling out monthly forms and enduring official interviews to prove his job-seeking efforts.” Always interested in social experiments, Finland is now trialling a universal basic income on 10% of its workforce. But is it proving successful?

“You can argue, and some people have, that the nation state has ended as we knew it, 20-30 years ago, pre-internet… we’re building up a world culture, a world legal system. Nations continue to be powerful, but I think they’re going to continue to get less influential.” Futurist Ray Kurzweil predicts that the age of individual countries is over, as technology is forming a single, universal culture.

“If power were a prescription drug, it would come with a long list of side effects. It can intoxicate. It can corrupt. It can even make Henry Kissinger believe that he’s sexually magnetic. But can it cause brain damage?” A series of studies prove that power can have damaging impact on brain function, with results showing a deteriorating ability to read other people and empathise.