Art Unlimited: Vibrant Art from Around the World

Art has no boundaries. A straight line on an otherwise blank canvas can mean the world to someone, and nothing at all to another person. Such is the impact of art that it makes living on Earth a fascinating and surprising occasion every day. 

The magic of art lies in the fact that it exists where we choose to see it. Whether it is an ergonomically designed kitchen utensil, an awkwardly shaped yet comfortable chair, or a painting brimming with exquisite brush strokes, art is quite simply everywhere. There are, however, places around the world that celebrate the diversity in art through various channels, and these make for exciting destinations worth a visit.

The Fat Duck in England

There have been two restaurants in the world that have truly experimented and challenged the boundaries of cooking. Both of these culinary meccas artistically presented food like nowhere else. Ferran Adria’s El Bulli was for the longest of time the best restaurant in the world for its innovative cuisine. While Ferran has since closed his iconic eatery and has moved to other avenues, the legend of El Bulli will live on for years to come. Carrying forward the thrill of molecular gastronomy is world-renowned chef Heston Blumenthal at his legendary The Fat Duck in England. Culinary art at its very best, nothing is what it seems at The Fat Duck. A journey through the chef’s eyes, guests can expect one of the best meals of their lives here, full of distinct flavours and textures.

The Bellagio Gallery in Las Vegas

Vegas has always been about money. Whether is the lavish hotels, the over-the-top excursions or the larger than life individuals who visit the city. At the heart of it are the casinos that spend a lot of money to attract gamblers from around the world. Considering that the cost of building a casino is astronomical, it only makes sense that they go beyond offering just gambling to their customers. Casinos are, after all, the epitome of luxury, and as seen at the Bellagio Gallery, art is one aspect of it all. An intimate and small space on the Strip, the Bellagio Gallery is ideal for art lovers to appreciate classic and contemporary art. The gallery works along with museums and organisations, from across the planet, to procure and display paintings by greats like Picasso and Warhol. So, when you are in Sin City, take a little time and explore its more artistic side to see Vegas in a completely new light. 

New Delhi’s Street Art

Street art has come a long way from being labelled as unwanted graffiti. Nowadays, more and more cities around the world are encouraging artists to use the urban landscape in front of them as blank canvases, and add colour to the dullness of everyday life. Among these cities is New Delhi in India, where an entire residential district is now an open art gallery with massive murals painted on walls. The Lodi Art District is free and provides artists with space on buildings to showcase their art. However, there is more to see in Delhi in terms of street art. Champa Gali, a small plot in an urban village, is another unlikely destination to view vibrant wall art as well as eat at trendy restaurants.

This growing acceptance towards art in all its forms has genuinely been phenomenal, encouraging artists to come forward and share their talent for the world to see and admire.

Feature image: Yayoi Kusama, Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity, 2009, Wood, mirror, plastic, acrylic, LED, and aluminum installation. © The Bellagio Gallery in Las Vegas