Boeing Open Up to the World With Largest Ever Passenger Jet Window

If mixing style and business is your thing then you will likely be pretty excited by Boeing’s announcement of their plans to develop the world’s largest passenger window for their business consumer fleet.  Boeing are teaming up with GKN aerospace’s Fokker Technologies design team to create the ‘skyview’ panoramic window, which will measure 54.5 inches by 19.5 inches in Boeing’s aircraft. That’s larger than the three existing 737 windows together, guarenteed to provide an “unparalleled perspective of the world”, according to Boeing.

The window will be available as a feature on all three members of the Boeing Business Jets ,or BBJ MAX family – including the new BBJ MAX 7 – with has a scheduled entry-into-service in 2018. It’s good to see a bit of innovative news passing through the aviation industry after seeing it being dragged through the mud in recent weeks.