Bosch Brings The Car Into The 21st Century


CES in Las Vegas is the place to go every year where the world’s biggest tech brands unveil the coolest stuff. This year Bosch just took it a step further by showcasing a car that is brilliantly forward-thinking. The fully-electric concept car, comes highly connected, highly personable and very stylish. The car is part of the iOT wave that seems to be a priority for a lot of tech brands worldwide, meaning that cars will eventually become a third living space, highly connected to your life inside the house and outside.

The car boasts facial recognition technology and eye-tracking  controlling everything you would otherwise tweak yourself: seat height, steering wheel, mirrors, temperature and even the radio station.  Bosch has also introduced an enhanced sensor based platform called #sensororchestra creating textures of sound that embrace you. You can see a demo of that below.

Dr. Werner Struth, member of the Bosch board of management‘ says of the company’s intentions, “personalization is a growing trend in the realm of connectivity, and we are driving this trend forward.”