Podcast | Cindy Gallop on Weinstein, Trump & The Watershed For Women

Over the past month, headlines have been dominated by widespread claims of sexual harassment in the workplace, starting with the bombshell accounts given by numerous women who have fallen prey to the advances of Harvey Weinstein; a man whose name alone commandeers such immense power and privilege in the hallowed halls of Hollywood that for around 30 years his abuse of position has been allowed to continue. But Harvey was just the beginning. What has followed is an unravelling of similar stories across all industries – be it Westminster politics or the art world, revealing the full extent of this institutionalised dynamic between men and women in the workplace, that quite frankly should not be the case in 2017.

One woman who has not at all been surprised by the news stories of the last few weeks is Cindy Gallop. The British advertising magnate and tech entrepreneur has been a prominent voice in the fight against the current status quo for many years, outraged by the silence of both the women who are victims of this treatment and the men who stand by and allow it to happen. We talk with Cindy about her own experiences of sexual harassment in the advertising industry, how Donald Trump has been left unscathed by the recent media attention and if this is truly a Watershed moment for women in business everywhere.

Listen to our podcast with Cindy here: