What We’re Watching: Brilliant Short Animation of Late Philosopher Marshall McLuhan

At a time when everyone is looking for some context in our fractured world, renowned media theorist Marshall Mcluhan has stepped in, posthumously, to help. His famous quote ‘The medium is the message’ has become a catch phrase for all those attempting to find reason in the times that we live in.
Network TV channel Al Jazeera have taken up the task of continuing his legacy, presenting a video of his work in a new series about famous philosophers.
Brooklyn based animator Daniel Savage has created this charming two minute video which outlines the brilliance and almost prophetic approach of the Canadian thinker on many issues around the media. Singaporean activist Alex Chow is the narrator on the short film.
Savage said of the video, “The fact that our insane president can have a hissy fit and send it to the world with the tap of a screen really says something. Taking a step back to look at the big picture is important.”

Watch below: