Event 11th April: Sir Tim Smit | Dream Big Or Else

Sir Tim Smit, the mind behind some of the UK’s biggest environmental tourist attractions such as The Eden Project and The Lost Gardens of Heligan, will be joining us for an evening of discussion at Second Home. This is an opportunity to learn about his unique journey towards environmentalism, starting out as a hit musician in France.

When we talked to him back in February he was quite adamant that this is a time of great opportunity for the world, feeding us an almost revolutionary spirit:-

“I think the issue is, are we smart enough to realise that we’re currently living in a new age of enlightenment? Most people around the world do not realise, because the media in general has the mantra “if it bleeds it leads”, that there have been more scientific inventions over the last 20 years than in the whole of history up until now. We’re living thought the most extraordinary time of knowledge growth and learning how the mechanics of the world operate together. That’s what makes me very hopeful.”

A cause often associated with Left-wing thinkers, Smit [a proud capitalist] provides an alternative approach to environmental activism. Smit has been able to bring together entrepreneurship and environmental awareness to create incredible spaces to stand the test of time.

Smit is proof that, while the battle to save the environment is monumental, we have the knowledge and means to implement change. He is not afraid to dream big, and has plans to expand his environmental projects to all corners of the globe.

This event will be held on Tuesday 11th April. Buy tickets here.