Event | Blood Oil: How Consumption Fuels Terror & War

Did you know that over 50% of the oil being traded worldwide is being stolen from its own people? Or that we ourselves subsidize weapons, repression, and terror across the world because of our addiction to oil. It’s in everything we buy from your plastic bottles to your mobile phone to your shopping bags. Through our addiction to consumption, we unwittingly send trillions of dollars to authoritarian regimes and armed groups to fund their own ideologies and to justify the terror they spread across the world. It’s called blood oil.

It’s a story that goes deeper than you know and Professor Leif Wenar, author of Blood Oil and the Chair of Philosophy and Law at King’s College London, wants you to know about it.
A systematic worldwide issue, this trade, and acquiescence is based on years of legal loopholes and consumer oblivion in the West, but Wenar is positive that change is possible. Through his initiative cleantrade.org, it is possible to find out which of our household products, from toothpaste to your smartphone, are ‘clean’, aka not making a profit from the ruthless dictators of the world.

Join Leif at a very exclusive event on the 31st of January at Second Home as he gives us an insight into how we can be more aware, change our habits and ultimately cut off the blood oil flow that has been active for a hundred years. Tickets here.