Event: Coding Our Way To Paradise | From Human to Non-human

Emerging technologies have signalled a new age of transformation for the human species. The pursuit of life extension, gene editing, the imminent potential and perils of artificial intelligence and the growing movement of transhumanism have allowed us to envision a new type of human. Have we begun coding our way into paradise? Are we ready for all of these revolutionary changes? Or is the media simply inciting anxiety about these issues?
On the 21st of April, 52 Insights will be sitting down with three experts at East London’s Second Home to discuss these hot topics.

A timely and relevant exploration on how our lives might look and change dramatically in the future. We will be joined by British bioethicist Professor John Harris, well known science-fiction writer Warren Ellis and data editor of The Economist Kenneth CukierDon’t miss this chance to participate in an engaging panel discussion about some of the most controversial topics of our time.
Tickets to this event will sell very fast and there is limited capacity so please make sure you book early. You can get tickets here.