Event: Fresh Faces X Thomas Gorton (Dazed), Maisie Cousins & Isamaya Ffrench

If we had to choose two creatives that represent the fierce face of talent in Britain right now it would have to be Isamaya Ffrench, the extravagantly bold make-up artist currently making her mark worldwide, and the hyper-real photographer Maisie Cousins gaining traction for her visceral confronting work of the human body. Both are part of a new generation making an impact on their respective industry.

Join us on June 23rd at London’s SecondHome as we sit down with Dazed Digital’s Thomas Gorton to discuss the creative industries and the role media play in fostering new talents.  Both Maisie and Isamaya will be showcasing their work, as well as discussing their inspiration, creative processes and life as artists in London.

You can get tickets for the event here.

About the artists:

Isamaya Ffrench knows her way around the face, managing to tell deeply ornate stories through her work.  She kicked off her career by painting children’s faces at birthday parties and since then she’s ticked off pretty much every box on her way to the top. She’s the former beauty editor of i-D, the current Beauté UK make-up ambassador for YSL has worked with the elusive Japanese fashion icon Junya Watanabe and Kanye West on the Nick Knight-directed “Black Skinhead” video.  Her work has been featured in magazines like Vogue, Dazed and i-D. She’s also the co-founder of clothing brand English School. As if that’s not enough she’s also a trained dancer.


Maisie Cousins – We featured this London based photographer back in October. Her uncanny ability to wrap her lens around the unsettling and the natural, is something that sets her apart from others. She’s already earned a place in the Tate Britain and collaborated with artists such as golden girl Petra Collins.
Maisie Cousins’ work embraces every part of the human body, avoiding any talk of airbrushing especially in an age of perfection. What makes her work unique is the particular focus on themes such as: “waste, greed, sex, hate, and nature.” In equal measure her work is alluring, lurid and confronting. She said it best when she exclaimed, “Even the most beautiful people leak, bleed and shit.”

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