Event: In Technology We Trust with Rachel Botsman

“We are outsourcing our capacity to trust to an algorithm.” Rachel Botsman

We are amidst a new technological age, one where the dynamics of society is changing rapidly. Just look around, millions of people travel in cars with total strangers, stay in the houses of strangers, exchange digital currencies, or find themselves trusting a bot. This is the age of “distributed trust”, a paradigm shift driven by innovative technologies that are rewriting the rules of an all-too-human relationship.

One of the consequences of this paradigm shift is that our trust in political, banking, and media institutions have dipped dramatically.  Now our trust is shifting sideways to online sharing platforms such as eBay, Airbnb & Uber. This radical social transformation has arisen from the pivotal role technology plays in our lives, where the implications for organizations, institutions, and society are immense. How do we now deal with a world where patterns of trust have moved from institutions to individuals? What are institutions to do in such a climate? Is this trust a dangerous leap of faith or can we be optimistic about this new world?

We join best-selling author Rachel Botsman as she discusses how technology is transforming trust and what this means for life, work and business and the divisive role technology continue to play in our society.

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