Event: Racism & Your Genes: The Real Story with Adam Rutherford

“The notion of purity – racial or religious – is nonsensical when you begin to look at how family trees actually work in real people over generational time.”

At a time when identity politics and nationalism have reared their ugly heads once again, our long-held assumptions about speciation, race and skin colour are now being thrown out the window thanks to a new era of science. The latest research into our complex biology and ancestry combine to tell an altogether different tale about who we really are.

In 2017, we spoke to geneticist, author and broadcaster Adam Rutherford about his best-selling book, A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived: The Stories in Our Genes. In this dazzling interview, Adam debunked the many misnomers about lineage and racial purity that have disseminated deeply into our culture over thousands of years. At a time like this, perhaps science can do more to bring us together than we realize. Join us on the 22nd of February for this exclusive evening as Adam discusses our evolutionary twists and turns, why the very concept of racism clashes so deeply with our DNA, and how a new science is emerging to change the nature of what it means to be human. Get your tickets here.