Event: The Art of Discussion | Conversation in a Polarised Age

In a world where opportunities for civil engaged dialogue has become more and more infrequent, taking the time to come together, listen and learn has become even more critical.

There is no doubt that social media and technological tools have wreaked havoc on our social discourse, pulled us apart and even set in motion extreme political events like Brexit and the rise of populist governments across the world.

How do we operate as conscientious individuals in a divisive world is the key question here? How do we cross the divide when forces are trying to tear us apart?
52 Insights have been at the forefront of engaged discussion for almost four years now, a platform to encourage open and mindful dialogue with over 300 of the most unique and interesting individuals across the philosophical, technological and cultural spectrum.

We want to invite you to join founding editor Ari Stein for a unique intimate salon event at the new members club at London’s Norn on the 7th of November to hear insights about what he has learnt from these people and how it has helped him uncover some truths about the art of discussion.
We can all help each other if we choose to listen more closely, ask intuitive questions and decipher what information is essential for you.

Join us for this unique, intimate salon event at the new members club in London Norn on the 7th of November at 7.30.  If you would like to sign up to this event do so now, there are very limited spaces. Sorry to those of you outside of London, please sign up here.