Eye Candy: 7 Instagrammers Educating The World

There’s an abundance of great Instagram accounts across the world with a deluge of visual stimulation. But we wanted to take a step back and find the Instagrammers that not only look make the world look good but also keep you informed as well. That means the latest political, environmental and societal issues that are affecting us all from Ireland’s abortion fight to documenting the devastating massacre of national treasures. It was hard but we have handpicked some of the most politically engaged accounts that not only keep you up to date but also give you your dose of eye candy. Enjoy.

The People’s Portfolio

What makes a good leader? This is a question that we have all been faced with now more than ever. As we contemplate the answer, here is a story from our founder to inspire you. “I had been following Pussy Riot for many years and was thrilled when they came to visit me in my New York studio. I watched in amazement as they responded to my Putin portrait on the wall. The revolutionaries were now face to face with their nemesis. I asked these courageous activists about leadership. ‘We don’t believe in old style leadership. The days when we blindly choose a leader to follow are gone. Today we must all be individual leaders and constantly speak truth to power.’ In many ways this stance is so powerfully relevant to today’s society. For me, Pussy Riot’s statement was about being a stakeholder in society and with authority comes responsibility, and we must all be responsible global citizens. The future is in our hands, the leaders are suppose to serve us as people, not the other way around.” #pussyriot

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Started by superstar photographer Platon, this account uses powerful portraits to tell the personal stories of a diverse range of people around the world. Its aim is to give voice to important and underreported issues, expose injustices and try to incite social change. This is thought-provoking and eye-opening stuff.

Lens Culture

Randy © Robin de Puy, 1st Place, Series, LensCulture Portrait Awards 2018. — On July 7, 2015 photographer Robin de Puy was riding through Ely, Nevada. That night she found Randy. He rode past—fast—but in the split-second she saw him, she knew: she had to find out who this boy was. About that first encounter she writes, “Randy, a fragile-looking boy, striking face, big ears—a puppy, a golden retriever waiting for the ball to be thrown, (too) naïve. ‘Can I photograph you?’ I asked him. The question was met with a shrug and a look both anxious and curious, a look that seemed to say so much and so little, then he wholeheartedly said ‘yes.’” De Puy took his portrait, left town a few days later, and that was it—at least, that’s how it seemed at the time. Back in Amsterdam, Randy popped into her mind from time to time—it was impossible to meet this boy and leave it at that one, single image. She looked him up again at the end of 2016, and then again in February 2017, and once more in May 2017. She turned him inside out, looked at him, stared at him—and he let her. What follows is a deep and complex relationship that can only be conveyed through the power of portraiture. — The work from the LensCulture Exposure Awards and LensCulture Portrait Awards, including @robin_de_puy , will be exhibited at @photolondonfair from May 17-20. Join us at Stand S2 in Somerset House to discover 78 remarkable, fresh talents from around the world. Hope to see you there!

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A beautifully curated collection of work by a different photographer each week. Posts range from stark Alaskan landscapes to photos from the opera houses of Paris to the portraits and stories of people in a park in Brooklyn. Combining art and photojournalism, this page covers all bases whilst never failing in its aesthetic excellence.

Women Photograph

This is where to go if you’re looking for an incredible variety of raw, moving and inspiring images and stories. This page focuses solely on photographs taken by women and non-binary people and so it is also providing a crucial platform for both those in front of and behind the camera.

World Monuments Fund

A fascinating account chronicling the restoration of the world’s most beautiful and rare buildings. This is property porn taken to the next level with stunning architecture and fascinating stories from around the globe. These are stunning images coupled with a lesson in culture, history and international relations.

Curiosity Rover

Undoubtedly the most far-fetched account on Instagram, this is a collection of incredibly detailed photos taken by the rover ‘Curiosity’ as part of Nasa’s Science Laboratory Mission. The landscapes are breathtaking and could be hard to believe if it wasn’t for the distinctive Mars red taking over the feed. It is impossible to stop scrolling.

Serious Design

If you were wondering what I’m doing tonight

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If you have a queasiness around meat then this account ain’t for you. Started by a Serbian/Canadian designer called Matija Erceg, the idea subtlety speaks to our over-consumption of animals. It’s creative but has a lot to say.

Who says Instagram can’t bring about change. With the recent abortion rights law repealed in Ireland. This account was part of the mass swell of support behind overturning it. It also has a nice way of showing off some of Ireland’s latest fashion.