Futuristic Hair Dye Changes Colour with Air Temperature

Lauren Bowker and her team at The Unseen have already made headlines with their incredible colour-change technology which has been applied to clothing. Their latest foray into “reactive fashion” continues to combine science and style.

The group of chemists, engineers and artists have developed the world’s first colour-changing hair dye. FIRE is a dye that reacts to variations in temperature and humidity, changing the colour of the hair itself as the dye’s carbon-based molecules undergo a reversible chemical reaction. FIRE dye is semi-permanent and is available in multiple colours, from bright reds to subtle pastels.


It’s sadly not yet available for commercial use as the chemical formula still needs to be tested for toxicity but as the product uses less toxic ingredients than conventional hair dyes any damage to the hair itself should be minimal according to The Unseen founder Lauren Bowker. The variety of seasonal and colour formulas also need to be finalised before hitting the shelves.

However FIRE will make its public debut this month at London Fashion Week in collaboration with Storm Models, and will showcase the astonishing product that is bringing a touch of magic to the fashion world.