How Are CBD and Cannabinoids Different?

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As you learn more about CBD, you’ll certainly start to hear the word “cannabinoid” more and more frequently. However, you might not really know what that word means, which can make conversations very confusing. The question of “What is CBD” is only one part of the question; you should also know a little more about the words people use when they talk about CBD.

Here’s everything you need to know about the differences between CBD and cannabinoids.

The Definition of CBD

CBD is short for “cannabidiol.” The simplest way to understand the difference between CBD and cannabinoids is that cannabidiol, or CBD, is one cannabinoid. When you talk about CBD, whether you’re talking about CBD oil, CBD gummies, or CBD capsules, you’re not talking about a specific product. You’re talking about a compound that’s inside those products. That compound is cannabidiol, or CBD.

Potential Benefits of CBD

What can CBD do for you? If you’re looking up what CBD is, you’re probably also looking for information regarding how it can help you. CBD offers a variety of potential benefits. Those benefits include the ability to maintain healthy sleep cycles, the ability to maintain a sense of calm for focus, and more. Additional benefits can also build on these existing benefits. For example, many people find they exercise more effectively with CBD, likely because that sense of calm and focus allows them to work out more effectively.

One Cannabinoid Out of Many

An important thing to realize is that CBD isn’t the only cannabinoid in hemp. Rather, it’s just one cannabinoid out of many different cannabinoids you’ll find in full-spectrum CBD oil. CBD is always a cannabinoid, but not all cannabinoids are CBD. There just haven’t been as many studies done on non-CBD cannabinoids. However, full-spectrum CBD, which includes additional cannabinoids, can be useful for many people who want a more robust CBD experience.


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