How CBD Oil Helps Those Suffering from Anxiety and Depression

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The market for CBD oil has grown considerably in recent years. Many people take CBD to treat pain or relax after a long day. However, there are other benefits of CBD oil as well. Some people have started using CBD oil to treat certain mental health problems. Anxiety and depression are examples of mental disorders that could potentially be alleviated with CBD oils like those produced by Penguin CBD.

CBD oil offers a glimmer of hope for people with anxiety and depression as they try to avoid the side effects of traditional drugs

Anxiety and depression are serious mental illnesses that are plaguing our country. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America estimates that 40 million Americans are suffering from an anxiety disorder, which is just over 18.1% of the population. An estimated 16.1 million Americans also suffer from a major depressive disorder. The number of Americans suffering from milder depression disorders is even higher.

The growing prevalence of depression and anxiety has caused the nation’s dependence on psychotropic medications to skyrocket. The American Psychological Association has found that 12.7% of the population is on antidepressant medications.

Unfortunately, antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications have many side effects. These side effects include dry mouth, insomnia, nausea, decreased sex drive and weight gain. Anti-anxiety medications can also cause sedation, nausea and sexual performance issues. Many people have started looking for more natural ways to treat their depression. This is one of the reasons that demand for CBD oils has increased significantly in recent years. CBD can be effective in treating both anxiety and depression.

People struggling with either depression or anxiety may want to consider using it as a substitute for these medications. Of course, they should still consult with their psychiatrist or primary care provider first.

Is CBD an effective treatment for anxiety and depression?

Until fairly recently, the impact of CBD has not been well understood. A big part of the reason is that the prohibition of marijuana prevented researchers from conducting studies on it. Even though CBD is produced from hemp, rather than cannabis, they still were not allowed to conduct this research. Until the 2018 Farm Bill was passed, hemp was still classified as marijuana under federal law. This meant that even studying the impact of CBD products that were not produced from cannabis was illegal.

Despite the limitations on research, there is still some evidence that CBD can be effective for treating certain mental health issues. The World Health Organization has talked about the benefits of CBD products for decades. They have stated that CBD can be effective for treating depression and anxiety.

As the push for decriminalization of CBD has gained traction, more government and academic institutions have researched its impact. In 2014, a study on animals found that CBD provided relief for both anxiety and depression.

There is also a fair amount of research in other parts of the world, which can hint at some of the therapeutic opportunities CBD might provide. Two years ago, four researchers from Brazil analyzed research on the therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol. The researchers concluded that CBD could have therapeutic effects comparable to mood stabilizers. They also found evidence that it can be used for treating depression, epilepsy and sleeping disorders.

Although research on the benefits of CBD is still in its infancy, studies so far have been very promising. If their findings are confirmed by additional research, CBD oil could be just as useful for treating depression and anxiety as existing medications.

The best CBD oil can help take the edge off anxiety and depression. However, it is not a miracle cure that works on its own. You still need a well-rounded wellness regimen. You should try to exercise regularly. You may need to continue working with a psychotherapist. You should avoid toxic people and other unnecessary sources of stress.

There are many steps that you need to take to mitigate the effects of depression and anxiety. Using CBD oil is only one of them but a powerful one.