Internal Leak On New $1000 iPhone X Stuns Apple

Apple may be at the cutting edge of technology but that doesn’t mean that they are immune to some of the more human risks that come along with it. Over the weekend it was announced on the Apple news site 9to5Mac that the latest product from the tech juggernaut will be the iPhone X, along with the latest installments of its most ubiquitous product, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

In celebration of the iPhone’s 10 year anniversary, the iPhone X is due to launch on Tuesday, but the usually secretive company suffered a massive blow to its famed code of privacy. A leak to one of its software codes meaning that sensitive information about the product was made available prior to the launch. The new model, reported to cost a cool $1000USD, is set to feature some pretty exciting high-tech developments, including the apparent removal of the home button in favour of gesture control, as well as a new biometric authentication tool Face ID, using sensors to recognise the user by looking at the device. Another inclusion getting Apple enthusiasts hyped is the new messaging app Animoji, using 3D technology to create emojis simulating the user’s facial expression.

People may be surprised to know that after CEO Tim Cook’s vow to ‘double down’ on secrecy measures, a leak of this scale could happen, leading many Apple fans to believe that this was an intentional act by a disgruntled employee. Apple blogger John Gruber wrote “I’m nearly certain that this wasn’t a mistake but rather a deliberate malicious act by a rogue Apple employee…More surprises were spoiled by this than any leak in Apple history.” All this comes at a time where many are asking whether this latest release will turn Apple into the first one trillion dollars valued company.

As much as a leak of this kind would have huge consequences for other companies set to reveal a major new product, there is so much enthusiasm for Apple updates that it is sure to still receive plenty of attention. All the same, we imagine that there will be some stern talks in the Cupertino headquarters today…