Listen: Anthony Bourdain: “There is nothing more political than food.”

TV show host and writer Anthony Bourdain shocked the world on the 8th of June when he was found dead in his apartment in France while filming the 11th season of his popular travel food show Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.

Bourdain was loved by millions of people around the world, known for his roller-coaster career which included a stint as a world-renowned chef, best selling author, TV show host and film producer. He was adored for his fearless and charismatic style of journalism.

In light of his passing, we wanted to share with you a short audio chat that we had with Bourdain in the spring of 2016 where he talked about the humbling experiences behind his travels plus the depth and philosophy behind his life.

What surprised us about Bourdain was how genuinely relatable he was. Fame never changed him, and the world loved him for that. He had humour, authenticity, sensitivity and an ability to deal with cultures no matter how different they were to his own. He will be sorely missed.

*Please excuse the ambient sound, this interview was not meant for audio publication.