Iris Van Herpen Lines Up Career Retrospective in Dallas

Fashion-tech innovator Iris Van Herpen has created an assembly of her work for a new retrospective at the The Dallas Museum of Art in May. They have announced that 43 of her most groundbreaking haute couture pieces will be shown in a unveiling called Transforming Fashion.

This will mark 10 years in the business for the Dutch designer, who has never been afraid to mix cutting edge science, sustainability and design into her work. Agustín Arteaga, the Museum’s Eugene McDermott Director, said that the exhibition “appeals not only to the fashion-forward but also to those interested in the worlds of science, technology and innovation.” He also believes that this venture into contemporary fashion will bring new visitors to the museum, to see the work of this “visionary and innovative virtuoso at the outset of her career.”
Exploring new fabrics, incorporating unexpected materials such as magnets, and pushing the boundaries of technologies like 3-D printing. Her work has been worn by style icons such as Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and Björk and has graced the runways of Amsterdam, London and Paris. This exhibition documents the evolution of Iris van Herpen’s couture through a selection of her collections from 2008 through 2015 and illustrates the many ways she continues to seek inspiration beyond the world of traditional handwork and craftsmanship.




More details on the exhibition can be found here.