It’s Official These Are The Best Places To Live For Expats

Considering Brexit rattled every European living in Britain, there is still a wealth of expats enjoying the spoils of more open embracing countries. Enter the largest survey of expats in the world by HSBC. 27,000 expats in 159 different countries were asked what their thoughts were on the country they call home and this year the award for best country to live in the world goes to Singapore.
26% of Singaporean expats as opposed to 10% in other countries surveyed praised the countries healthcare, education, clean streets, clean air, public transport system, and safety in the city-state and general quality of life.  It is also known as the worlds greenest city.  But let’s not forget though that moving there is tough, it ranks consistently as the most expensive city on earth.

There were some other notable findings in the survey,  if you want to make the big bucks, then head to Mumbai, where the average salary for an expat is an eye-watering $217,165 with San Francisco coming in at a cool $207,000 USD.
In terms of culture, the artistic mecca Berlin topped the list followed by Buenos Aires and London. Berlin is known for its enormous number of expats who flock to the German capital for its diversity, nightlife offering and embrace of art with 700 art galleries and other disciplines.  Also, the cheaper cost of accessing culture makes a huge bonus for expats. For more on the findings go here.

Here are the official rankings:

Global ranking Country
1 Singapore
2 Norway
3 New Zealand
4 Germany
5 Netherlands
6 Canada
7 Australia
8 Sweden
9 Austria
10 UAE