James Franco Launches Youtube Philosophy Channel

Are you curious about the meaning of life? Well, maybe James Franco has the answers you have been searching for. In an unexpected turn, the actor, who is currently spending time as a doctoral student at Yale University, has launched his very own Youtube channel Philosophy Time. In this series of short videos, Franco enlists the help of his friend Eliot Michaelson, a Lecturer of Philosophy at King’s College London, and various guest philosophers to discuss topics ranging from beauty to abortion.

The actor is not afraid to launch into other endeavours. Most well known for his comedic performances in films such as Pineapple Express and regular appearances on SNL, he has also published short stories and poems including Palo Alto Stories.

According to Franco, this is “easily the most important project I’ve been involved with in years.” A light-hearted introduction to philosophy, the videos mainly feature a breakdown of some complex issues by the guest philosophers, with Franco listening intently and asking a few questions. Take a look at the below clip and head over to the Youtube channel to see more.