Listen: Vampire Weekend’s Baio Crafts Exclusive Mix

He’s the bassist from one of the worlds most popular bands Vampire Weekend, but he is also the solo artist (Chris) Baio who has been issuing his personal brand of synth-driven pop since 2015. As part of the leadup to his latest record, Dead Hand Control out on Glassnote on January 29th, he has been kind enough to put together a first-rate eclectic Christmas mix for us – another in our series entitled, #WhatInfluencedYou.
It’s a far cry from the pop indulgence of his stadium-sized brothers; this is an intellectual journey of the musical ghosts that lurk behind this latest solo record. Strangely enough, his latest offering was inspired by existential themes like death, wills and nuclear war. But at its heart, says Baio, ‘it’s about how the only thing you can control is the way you treat the people in your life.’

There are some real curveballs on this mix with a thread of nightlife right through it. From the Berlinesque inspired tuned of Michael Mayer, Prins Thomas and DJ Koze all the way through to the worldly and delicate sounds of Lau Lau, Cosmic Voices from Bulgaria & the venerated Penguin Cafe Orchestra.
This is one definitely for Saturday night and the following Sunday morning.

Penguin Cafe Orchestra – “Nothing Really Blue”
Lau Nau – “Poseidon”
Byron – “Too Much (Instrumental)”
Prins Thomas – “XSB”
Starbuck – “Call Me”
Matthew Herbert – “It’s Only (DJ Koze Remix)”
Michael Mayer & Kolsch – “Dogma 2”
Dunkelziffer – “Colours and Soul”
Cosmic Voices from Bulgaria – “A Maid As A Rose”

Baio’s Dead Hand Control out on Glassnote on January 29th.