Lose Your Heart to San Juan


Lose Your Heart to San Juan

San Juan is the most populated city in Puerto Rico. It’s the perfect destination for lovebirds who have slightly different holiday expectations. The city itself is so varied.

Of course, it has the benefit of being right on the coast, and its wide beach is dotted with glitzy nightclubs, restaurants and casinos. As well as this, the old town of San Juan is laid with cobblestone streets and has an old-world charm to it.

Whether your idea of a good time is relaxing and looking out to the ocean, strolling around and admiring the architecture, or getting your groove on in a nightclub, you’ll be well catered to in San Juan.

Visit El Escambrón Beach

Even for the determined city breaker, there is no better way to start your vacation than with a trip to the beach. It relaxes you and readies you for your exploration time. El Escambrón is no exception. This beautiful beach has a lovely white sand stretch with crystal clear ocean on one side and the Luis Munoz Rivera Park on the other.

Make yourself at home here for the day, as not only is there sunbathing and swimming to be done, but also Old San Juan to explore. Old San Juan is a nice bit of town, dotted with coffee shops, little squares and romantic restaurants. Also, along this stretch of the beach is the Condado area, which is home to stylish and upmarket restaurants and bars, perfect for when the sun starts to set.

Visit the Casino del Mar

If you’re someone who frequents online poker sites but has never got to experience the buzz around a real-life poker table, then you’ll be in heaven in San Juan. For those looking for that romantic ‘Hollywood’ experience, be sure to take a trip to Casino del Mar.

This impressive chandelier-lit casino has a selection of slot tables and the most elegant ambience of the San Juan poker halls. The staff here are friendly and attentive, which is great for beginners, as they’re often happy to help out with some tips, and at the bar, as you’re always served quickly and with a smile.

Visit the OBRA Galeria

San Juan is home to many galleries, and art lovers will be amazed whichever they choose to go into. There’s something beautiful about losing yourself in an art collection and the curation of this gallery allows you to do just that. The founder of the OBRA gallery is José E. Alegría.

José comes from a long line of Puerto Ricans who have both collected and produced art, so it really is in his blood. Members of his close family have painted with Francisco Oller, have owned the prime art galleries for decades and also founded the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture, to name but a few accolades.

This gallery is entirely his work and showcases the work of largely Puerto Rican, but also some select international artists. The space is starkly white but relaxing and meditative. You don’t need to book, but remember that the gallery is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Visit Fort San Cristóbal

Fort San Cristóbal is right up there in all of the guide books, and for very good reason – it is truly staggering. It is just about the largest fortress on the whole American continent – North and South. To find it, head to the entrance of Old San Juan and you can’t miss it. This mammoth fortress was built by the Spanish to defend San Juan against attackers. Since then, it has become a part of the enormous San Juan UNESCO World Heritage Site, all of which is well worth checking out on your visit.