New Artist Alert: Patrik Berg Almkvisth

In a world where artists now have the ability to challenge any preconceived notions about how to do business, some are proving this more than others.

I recently ventured out into my home city of Stockholm to meet a young electronic-piano-based artist who is breaking the mould of what it is to live and work independently.

I have known about Patrik Berg Almkvisth, also known as Luchs, ever since I came across his supremely dreamy tune “Twin Tales” from his 2016 debut LP “Chasing Cloud Nine,” vaguely reminiscent of artists like Nils Frahm or Erik Satie. A shy and somewhat reserved artist, Patrik Berg Almkvisth took me into his intimate studio in central Stockholm to speak with me about his journey and how Spotify single-handedly changed his life for the better and for the worse.

His story is unorthodox; in 2016, he had no intention of becoming a musician; he was at the time tinkering with the idea of putting out some music he had made on piano on Spotify, transitioning from his former life as an actor. He didn’t think any of it, that is, until the full thrust of Spotify’s talent sourcing engine came into sharp focus, and Patrik’s music was added to their now infamously popular public playlists: Music for Sleeping, Lounging, Studying, etc.
Since then, he has forged ahead, amassing almost 600,000 monthly listeners and achieving approximately 60 million plays on several songs, signalling his undeniable success. Remarkably, to this day, he established a steady income as an artist—a rarity in such a fiercely competitive artistic landscape.

However, the sudden onset of success led to somewhat of an existential crisis for Patrik, forcing him to reevaluate his identity and his motivation for making music. His debut LP from 2020, “Solskur”, served as a resurrection for him. Written entirely for orchestra, all the streaming revenue he amassed was reinvested into this singular record—a tribute to his late mother, who passed in 2019. A daunting exercise,  Solskur has now resurfaced once more in 2024, remixed in its entirety from artists he admires; perhaps this is a way of closure for Patrik and a way to finally move on as an artist on his own terms.

Take a listen to one of the remarkably beautiful reworks here, and make sure you check my Instagram on World Piano Day, March 29th, when Patrik will preview a new song for us.


Check out a live video of Patrik playing the mesmerisingly beautiful 2016 song “Her Eyes The Stars”.

Hear Patrik’s thoughts on whether Spotify’s public playlists are a great thing for artists or not.


Remixes of Patrik Almkvisth Berg’s 2020 record Solksur can be found here.