New Artist We Love: Bea1991

We were scrolling through endless ‘best of the year’ lists when we stumbled across Dutch artist Bea1991. Even though a lot of mystery surrounds her, (we assume her name is Beatrice and 1991 is her DOB), she has managed to captivate the music world in the last year with her seductive pop.
Her latest single, ‘My Name is Written on It’ is an enchanting and refreshing song. It’s sad pop music, but the type of sad that leaves you feeling uplifted rather than alone; a weird musical concoction, at times resembling artists such as Sade and Hype Williams. Like a new crush, we almost don’t want to let anyone else know about her. But we’re sure it won’t be long before this artist emerges from the underground to make a name for herself in the mainstream. She released her first mixtape in 2011 and has since earned the support of Dev Hynes (Blood Orange) who signed her up after hearing her first EP ‘Good Thinking‘ in 2014. Her follow up EP/LP ‘Songs of 2K11‘ came in 2015 and she recently released this video for latest single:

If you need further proof of how good her tunes are then check these out: Below and Hinterland. P.S. – She also has her own fashion line which is just as extraordinary as her music.