New record we’re excited about: Lusts/Illuminations

We stumbled across British duo, Lusts by pure accident when we came across their track ‘Waves’ on Facebook, we were hooked immediately. A mix of nostalgia and doom, cut right out of the 80s, think The Jesus and the Mary Chain meets Echo and the Bunnymen. Made up of brothers Andy and James Stone, their debut album, Illuminations is released on the 23rd of this month and we asked Lusts a few questions about why gender is an important issue for them and what inspires them throughout the creative universe.

How would you describe your music to our audience?

Our sound is a mixture of doomy reverby guitars, driving rhythms, washy electronic sounds, and dark 80s melodies. We’ve taken influence from artists such as The Cure, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Arca, Hookworms and Burial. We’ve been described as ‘Uplifting misery’. I think that works quite well.

We are a magazine that explores deep insights through interesting people. Are there any specific issues that you’re interested in right now and why?

One of the issues we’re interested in is gender equality in music. We want to be hopefully be part of a positive movement towards making the music industry fairer and more gender balanced. The industry should be more diverse, and inspiring towards everyone. There’s a great magazine called ‘She Shreds’ that highlights female musicians around the world. It’s brilliant, with a great style. Everyone should check it out and be part of this change.

What inspires you creatively that could be books, music, travel spots etc?

Things that have been inspiring us recently have been Sylvia Plath – ‘The Bell Jar’, Haruki Murakami – ‘Norwegian Wood’, Arthur Rimbaud’s poetry and David Lynch films. We’ve been listening to a lot of music on Majestic Casual, Lorde, Daniel Avery and Soko. We’re in Hamburg at the minute and enjoying exploring. We’ve got a few days until our show, so I’m sure we’ll find some inspiration here.