New Synthetic Skin Could Erase Years From Your Age

We’ve talked often about new sciences geared towards immortality, but if you want a short-stop solution look no further than a new material brought to us by renowned biotechnologist Robert Langer and his team at MIT.

They have developed a new silicon based polymer that is being hailed as a breakthrough in cosmetic as well as dermatological skin treatment.

Applied directly onto the skin as a cream, it solidifies into a comfortable and completely invisible ultra-thin layer which tightens skin and can be worn for up to 24 hours, mimicking the mechanical and elastic properties of healthy, youthful skin.

It is hoped that with more development the material will also be used to administer drugs as well as help to treat skin conditions such as eczema. Langer tells us that dermatology is the most exciting potential area of application at the moment. “Right now, with most dermatological drugs (for psoriasis and eczema) you lose 90-95% of that drug. They are messy, they stick to clothes, and they don’t last long. This could change all that.”

In experiments the material has already been proven to successfully reshape eye-bags and significantly aid skin in retaining moisture. Another potential application currently being explored is long-lasting UV protection. Mind you, there is a whole industry already built around collagen creams but there is no conclusive evidence that any of it works.

Langer is a legend of the world of regenerative medicine with over 1000 licensed patents to his name and is the founder of dozens of bio-tech companies. The hair care company Living Proof which is where this polymer was developed, is co-owned by actress Jennifer Aniston, primarily selling products based on Langer Lab discoveries.

Langer’s long history in biotechnology has given him an excellent understanding of how to approach this most recent breakthrough, “We try to do good basic research,” he tells us. “But when we make a discovery, we don’t just publish it, we try to bring it to the clinic. That’s what we are doing here.”