The Endless Sky: Photographer Murray Fredericks Exhibits New Series

Since his first visit in 2001 to the vast saltwater expanse of Lake Eyre in South Australia, Australian photographer Murray Fredericks has been hypnotised by its beauty. It’s easy to see why – apart from being the lowest point on the continent, it’s also miles away from any civilised existence.

The recently released series Salt: Vanity is a culmination of Fredericks’ 15-year exploration of the surrounding natural phenomena in the area. Since 2003, Fredericks has been travelling back to Lake Eyre to try and capture its immense beauty and thought-provoking stillness. The beauty of the lake itself makes enough for an image but it is more the experience of intense calm and reflection that Fredericks wanted to capture.

The series reflects on human vanity and our tendency to focus on ourselves. Fredericks introduced a mirror into the space to induce thoughts on the power of nature in reminding us of our insignificance. Fredericks placed the mirror on the expansive waters, carefully positioned to reflect the surroundings, making space seem almost infinite.

When you look at these images, it is hard not to be drawn into that sense of calm and peace that kept Fredericks coming back to Lake Eyre, with the dreamlike hues of dusk and dawn adding to the beauty of this series. Take a look at how Fredericks created the images in the video here.

Salt: Vanity is on now until 6th September at Hamiltons Gallery, 13 Carlos Place, London W1K 2EU

All images courtesy of Hamiltons Gallery, London