Photography: Roe Ethridge | Shelter Island

Roe Ethridge is a contemporary American photographer who released his new book ‘Shelter Island’ through Mack back in January. Mainly known for his fashion commissions at the frontier of fine art photography, with his new series, Ethridge created a body of work from another well of inspiration.

He spent the month of August in 2014 with his family at the Eastern end of Long Island, New York. Initially, Ethridge wanted to take portraits of his wife Nancy, but soon enough things started taking their own course. In the home’s garage, he discovered a range of discarded and stored away possessions from the homeowner’s children, who are now grown ups.

From old baseball bats – to wilted flowers – to grey sunsets, Ethridge captured the countless souvenirs in vivid, intimate detail. The shots remind us of the time that goes by and the end of summer malaise. We all know this feeling, the discomfort or excitement inherent to having to go back home after a careless few weeks in another place. Roe’s sentimental images from Shelter Island have captured a certain kind of beauty we really enjoy, a sentimental getaway of sorts.

Should you be in San Francisco in April, ‘Shelter Island’ will be sharing its nostalgic beauty with the public as part of the Minnesota Street Project. And if in Europe, Shelter Island will be exhibiting at the Foam Fotografiemuseum, Amsterdam on April 8th until the 5th of June.

All images courtesy of Mack.

Roe Ethdridge – Shelter Island