Podcast: Smart Cities are Coming To Save Our World

With the world heading towards a population of 9 billion by the middle of the 21st century, how are we going to cope with all this infrastructural stress?

If you want an indication of how scientists are looking to fix all of this, just ask Larissa Suzuki.
She’s been working behind the scenes to create new models of conscientious sustainable cities for the past ten years. An engineer of the year from 2017, Suzuki believes in a future where data will become the glue that creates a more harmonious future. From saving food waste to cleaning up our traffic, cities everywhere will benefit from these hyper-connected systems of the future.

In this fascinating discussion, we spoke to Larissa about some of the misconceptions behind smart cities, some of the examples that are happening around the world right now and what happens to our privacy and data in all of this.