Rina Sawayama on the struggles of being an artist before becoming a global pop star

In 2017 52 Insights collaborated with Second Home, the co-working space in London, to bring together some of the most talented emerging artists of the time for the Fresh Faces event.

They included musician model Rina Sawayama, photographer Charlie Kwai and author Charlotte Jansen. Rina Sawayama was little known back then and came to discuss her views on everything from making the right decisions to trusting the right people around you.
Who knew she would become the global pop force she would? Now with millions of followers worldwide and this year making a cameo at Glastonbury closing with Elton John. It is refreshing to see Rina talk about her early struggles at the beginning stages of her career.

At the time, she said, “The music industry is failing; you can’t sell music, everyone streams it. You get £4000 for a million streams…it’s still about the curated playlists that Spotify curates.”  it seems like nothing has changed.

Check out the full discussion below.