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It remains our raison d’être to explore the divide between pop culture and science, the areas that are shaping our world extensively, and we like to think to this day we’re doing a decent job. Below you will find the week’s round up of highlights focusing on these areas. From images of the eclipse covering America at a time of literal darkness to an in-depth look at who is the most name-checked brand amongst rappers. Intellectually stimulating and politically disturbing as always, entertaining and just a dash of bait for your click. Enjoy!

“He obtained fecal samples daily from 20 marathon runners…he and his team analyzed these samples, they found a large collection of bacteria capable of breaking down lactic acid, a byproduct our muscles produce.” Hey, it’s not glamorous but someone has to sift through the shit of endurance runners and then develop a probiotic out of their success.

 “The future truly is female.” That is why signer Anohni, formerly Antony and Johnson’s vocalist and performer is organizing the return of her own feminist festival, this time in Aarhus, Denmark. The festival is free and contains a series of talks, art shows, performances, workshops and events across the city.

“Conceived in 2010, +POOL started as a simple idea: instead of trying to clean the entire river, what if you started by just cleaning a small part of it?” New York always did have a way with their water, that is why they want you back thanks to Heineken and Pool+ making this crowd funded program a reality.

“Particularly with the ascension of hip-hop, brand references became a shorthand for aspiration and status. …Rolls-Royce tops the list, featured in 11 different tunes by such artists as Future, The Weeknd, and Kodak Black. Ferrari is a close second. ” Bloomberg takes a look at the fun and enticing world of name-checking in entertainment. Surprise surprise, RR is king.

“Open letter signed by Tesla chief and Alphabet’s Mustafa Suleyman urges UN to block the use of lethal autonomous weapons to prevent third age of war.” Elon Musk is at it again, as well as hundreds of other signatories demanding that we reign in our technological ambition for all out war.

It was the event of the century literally, an eclipse whose totality passed through 14 states through America, took everyone off their screens and outside for all of two minutes. Have a look at some of the best images.

“…At a first glance, you probably won’t spot that the giant structures (that Green describes as a coat of arms of sorts) are made up of groups of people dressed in the AW17 collection.” Craig Green is at the top of his game right now and has managed to make a stunning campaign to present his latest collection for AW17.