Spielberg, Hanks & Streep Team Up For Powerful Pentagon Film

Some of the biggest names in Hollywood Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, and director Steven Spielberg have teamed up for the soon to be released film The Post.
It details one of the most profound periods in American politics when in June 1971 The New York Times and The Washington Post decided to leak a series of papers to the public called the Pentagon Papers. The files uncovered three decades of disinformation and lying to the public over the Vietnam war.
It all started when the military analyst Daniel Ellsberg, essentially the Bradley Manning decades before anyone had heard of WikiLeaks, decided to send this series of papers to the press, the massive cover-up of government secrets that spanned four decades and four US Presidents. In June 2011, the entirety of the Pentagon Papers was declassified and publicly released.

It’s a chilling and timely reminder of what the average citizen can accomplish if they decide to take action. At the time when Ellsberg sent the papers over he was recorded as saying that he leaked the Papers to end what he perceived to be “a wrongful war.”

The Post will be released in UK cinemas on January 19, 2018

Watch the trailer here: