Spring Gifting | Our Picks for 2016

Now that Spring has officially kicked off, we thought we’d put together a list of great new products to accompany your get up and go. It’s all about chic, but not too in your face, colourful but not screaming, whether its couture for travelling, or a serious upgrade from those white iPhone buds, this guide is all about appreciating the beautiful, different and definitely fun. Enjoy.

Ultimate Timekeeper

We realise that this might be out of some people’s monthly budget, but who said nice things were cheap. A throwback to elegant time keeping. This sand clock comes courtesy of CTRLZAK. Instead of sand, refined iron fillings are sent trickling down, revealing the passage of time. It’s made in Italy and only 30 exist. What more do you need to know?


Terminator on Vinyl

Yes, this is for real. The original soundtrack to Terminator has been re-released. The robot armageddon hasn’t taken over yet, but this will get you in the mood. Originally released in 1984 by composer Brad Fiedel, now it’s getting its stylish makeover, helmed by iconic director Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive).

Terminator vinyl re-issue  £27.44 (Milan Records)

Skull Paperweight

Ultimate fetish piece for your office from master engravers/design home Connor.

Connor paperweight – $85USD

Backpack Decadence

Dior do a couple of pieces for outdoor luxury, this is one of them. It’s a backpack made for their spring collection.

Blue, Braise and beige leather backpack – £ 2,250

Handguide to AI

If you need something to read whilst listening to the Terminator soundtrack, this is surely fitting. A guide to the forthcoming technopocalypse. The day when Artificial Intelligence wakes and puts the rest of us to sleep.  The book deals with some heady topics but manages to remain simple and accessible. Some very interesting philosophical and ethical issues explored.

The Technological Singularity – (MIT Press) – £10.95

Headphones For the Audiophile

These cans are frighteningly good. They come courtesy of niche New York headphone house Master and Dynamic. The ultimate tech-style accessory, the only thing you will notice is how long you’ve been without good sound. The MH40s are top of the line, the pads consisting of memory foam, the exterior of lamb skin, and the lead; gold plated adaptor. If you need something a little bit lighter for travel, try these incredible buds, ME05. Peerless.

MH40 Over-the-Ear Headphones – £319
ME05 In-Ear Headphones – £158

Couture for the Hand

Former stylist for Balenciaga, Kenzo and Maison Kitsuné, Parisian Charlotte Desnais has launched her own collection of jewellery.  Her pieces are detailed and wonderfully unique.

Eden Bracelet £1,300