Students Paying Over £6,000 in the UK for their PhD Dissertations

Students of British university are attracting toward expert services to write a dissertation. Some companies called essay mills are offering their services at different rates from £2,559 to £6,173. Several firms are offering help with dissertation and charge more money for better grades. A few companies hire experts to assist students in writing. Usually, universities allow students to take expert advice, but every university has its specific rules in this regard.  The essay mills offer their services to write a complete dissertation from scratch. They will deliver complete work. Students have to write their name on them and submit them to their supervisor.

They have qualified people to work on dissertations. Writing services are ready to make some changes in the thesis as per the instruction of the mentor. They can do that until students are satisfied. These companies offer different rates to students to increase their grades. Over 12,000 British Students are paying for these writing services. A dissertation may cost between £2,800 and £3,982 depending on the needs of customers. The staff of these companies claim for handling over 100 orders in a day.

The Response of Universities on Writing Services

Last Year, vice chancellors of 46 universities wrote to Damian Hinds, educational sectary, and demanded to ban these websites. These companies are still working to help students. Kenya becomes the hotbed for writing services. The unemployment rate is high in Kenya, and people are forced to take home-based jobs. They have excellent English and offer these services at an affordable price. Thousands of Kenyans are writing essays for Ph.D. students.

Lord Mike Storey (a person behind a vigorous campaign on this issue) claimed that this cheating is huge. They can’t have cheaters for civil service and NHS positions. Storey thought that it is spreading like cancer and affecting the integrity of universities.  He is planning to ban the advertisements of these services by labeling them illegal.

Higher Education’s Quality Assurance Agency is campaigning to stop these essay mills. They are trying to create a hostile environment to prevent these companies. Experts demand that these mills must be criminalized, but the government wants to consider other options first.

Oxford University for Writing Services

A representative from Oxford University strictly prohibits the use of writing services. The university has a disciplinary policy to discourage students from using essay mills. They offer a range of warnings to students to inform them about the possible dangers of plagiarism and the use of essay writing services.

Dissertation Scandal in the UK

The dissertation scandal surfaces in the UK weeks after the scandal of Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman, and other business executives. The colleges of the USA were accepting bride from Hollywood actors, business executives, and celebrities. It was the largest scandal in the history of the USA. The scandal of $25 million involved in getting admission into highly selective, elite universities like Yale University, Stanford University, and Georgetown University. The admission process includes brides, cheating, doctored photos, misrepresenting applicants, phony test takers, etc.

PayPal to Block Payments to Essay Mills

Damian Hinds, education sect artery, called on PayPal and several other payment firms to block transactions to essay mills. He said that these companies are making profit via unethical means. They are doing tricky business and exploiting young generation. In response to this request, PayPal representative claimed that they are carefully reviewing flagged accounts for possible violation of their policies and regulations of the United Kingdom.

Hind also calls students to report peers who are using essay mills for their writing assignments. The guilty students will face severe consequences of using these services. Government ministers and universities are becoming concerned about the growing market of essay mills. The vice-chancellors of universities called to ban these services. The government should have rules and regulations to control these companies.

The writing services recruit pupils by advertising their essay mills and services online. Some prominent tech firms, such as YouTube and Google are playing their role to remove promotional material and advertisements on their platforms. The education secretary is not satisfied with this progress. He wants everyone to make a block against essay mills that are affecting the integrity of educational institutes. Universities are preparing themselves to deal with these issues and prevent students from using these services.