The Technology Set to Change Online iGaming

When the UK government closed gaming halls in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, it risked the industry’s future. However, as those physical doors slammed shut, digital ones opened; as this report from iNews shows, there’s since been a boom of interest from players online.

As with many other industries, technology is driving the changes we’re now seeing in the iGaming industry in the U.K, and as a result, the offerings coming from some of the online platforms are drawing in over 30 million account holders. The digitally based gaming selections that players can partake in are vast; they change with popular culture and developing technologies.

Players are now playing poker, roulette, blackjack and even live gameshows on the platform, but it’s the other staple from the gaming halls that gamers enjoy the most. As reported by Foxy Games, online slots tend to be the most popular game type with customers, and that’s where the developers may focus their innovation. It’s an area where the titles are varied, with familiar brands from TV and film are often featured to attract the new gamer and are often advertised as notable titles in the media, adding to the allure.

With the growth in user base and newcomers gripped by the ease of accessibility, it is easy to assume that the iGaming industry will continue to utilise the best emerging hardware and software. Therefore, we’ve compiled a shortlist of developing technology that will continue to change the landscape in online gaming.

Virtual Reality

It’s been a long road for VR to get to the technology to where it is now. But virtual reality is beginning to make its mark in the online casino and gaming space. This technology gives players the experience of being sat in the venues all from the comfort of their own home; there are games already released on the Oculus Quest that demonstrate this perfectly. Although the imagery is very digitised, it’s proving to still be very effective in terms of immersion.

Mobile technology

This is an area where online gaming is already making waves, and some would say it’s already changed the way people play. But it was hardly a surprise to see smartphones used as a gaming device, as they now possess so much power that they can match the graphical fidelity of something like a Nintendo Switch. Plus, the continued investment into 5G technology will surely bring cloud gaming to the devices too, taking the stress off the device’s internals and relying on the newest and quickest of connectivity the world has to offer. This reduces the need to have the most high-end devices and reduces the barriers to entry for online mobile gaming.

Live dealers

The thing that people have missed as part of the thrill of gaming is that social interaction which was previously only experienced at entertainment venues across the country. However, newer smartphones are allowing that interaction to permeate into gaming albeit in a digital form. Some titles now feature a live and real-life dealer, which may increase trust in the game, as players can see the game unfolding before their eyes. It all happens in real-time, fostering a tangible connection above and beyond the digitised and sterile experience of just seeing the graphical representation appear on the screen. In the future, that tech could be improved upon even further, allowing for real-time interaction between the game’s host and player.