The World’s Most Mysterious & Powerful Conference

At a luxurious hotel in the heart of Dresden called the Taschenbergpalais, some of the world’s most powerful individuals will descend to discuss some of the world’s most important issues. No press will be allowed, no photographers will be in attendance and no minutes will be taken. This will be the 64th Bilderberg Conference.

It has been an annual rendezvous on the calendar of the world’s elite since 1954.  What they do there mostly remains a mystery. Many speculate on what actually goes on and how much global influence the 130 distinguished guests in attendance actually wield, but conspiracies persist to this day. This year’s topics are expected to include Brexit, Trump, China and a subject called the Precariat, a term which loosely describes the vulnerability of a new class of citizens.

Guests this year include Silicon Valley elites, PayPal founder billionaire Peter Thiel and Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn, as well as group chief executive of BP, the CEO of Royal Dutch Shell, Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund, and Jose Manuel Barroso, the former president of the European Commission, two prime ministers, four finance ministers,  as well as former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger. Let’s put it this way, this ain’t no housewarming.

With so many eminent individuals attending the event, the German military have been brought in to help with security. On their website it states, “Bilderberg Meetings has never sought any public attention”. Ironically though, the privacy they insist on elicits intense scrutiny from the outside world. Whatever it is that actually comes of the conference, let’s hope that it’s for the good of everyone else.